Shanghai maths teacher exchange 2017

shanghai-pupils-photo_jtThe national Shanghai Teacher Exchange programme, run through Maths Hubs by the Department of Education, has been in place now for three years. In this year of the programme, two of our Mastery Specialists, Jody Trayte from High View School in Plymouth and Imogen Burrage from Bridestowe Primary School in Devon, visited Shanghai in November 2016, to experience maths teaching there. Read more about what Jody and Imogen thought of their visit.

Miss Zhu and Miss Lisa then returned in January 2017, hosted by High View School for two weeks, to teach a Year 1 (addition and subtraction) and a Year 6 (fractions) class.

shanghai-towerblocks_jtTeachers from across the Maths Hub region, including schools involved in the Cohort 1 Teaching for Mastery Groups, had the opportunity to observe lessons being taught by the Shanghai teachers. High View did a fantastic job of organising these events, and of hosting the exchange visit. On their website, you can watch videos of these lessons, and download planning materials from their lessons.


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