Cohort 2 Primary Teaching for Mastery


The Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists are in their first year of a two-year training programme with the NCETM.

Mastery Specialists (Cornwall)

Braddock C of E SchoolSarah Smith
Braddock Church of England School


St Columb Minor AcademyNicola Price
St Columb Minor Academy


Mastery Specialists (West Devon)

Beechwood Primary AcademyLaura Warren
Beechwood Primary Academy


St Stephens Community AcademySharon Neale
St Stephens Community Academy



The Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists are in their first year of a two-year programme with the NCETM.   Year one involves three, two-day residential training courses which ensure that all Mastery Specialists across the 35 national Maths Hubs share a coherent and consistent message with the schools they work alongside.

The Mastery Specialists are currently funded for 15 days release time, and this is to allow them to embed Teaching for Mastery in their own schools.

In addition, other schools have the opportunity to observe first-hand Teaching for Mastery lesson demonstrations, and to discuss how this is impacting on the Mastery Specialist’s practice and school, as part of pilot TRGs. These schools, which have therefore begun to form tentative links with the Mastery Specialists, are able to apply to be part of a working group with the Mastery Specialist on the second year of the programme. There are six places available on the Working Group for each Mastery Specialist, and the application process is open to all schools in the region.

There is no guarantee that schools that are part of the first year with the Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists will continue into Year 2: they need to apply as set out above. Currently, there is funding for schools which are successful in their application to work with the Mastery Specialist in Year 2. Please note that there is no funding for schools working with the Mastery Specialist in Year 1.

Recruitment for places on the 2017-18 working groups will begin in late spring, with details to be confirmed.

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