Cohort 1 2016 Primary Teaching for Mastery (Cornwall)


Teaching for Mastery Lead (Cornwall)

Jo Makin-Isherwood, Porthleven Community Primary SPorthleven Primary Schoolchool



Teaching for Mastery Specialist

St Stephen ChurchtownShelley Beckerleg, St Stephen Churchtown Academy



This year, 13 schools (see below) have been working with the Mastery Specialist, Shelley Beckerleg, and Teaching for Mastery Lead, Jo Makin-Isherwood. Following the application process, they were selected to take part in the working group. Each school nominated two lead teachers who, with the support of the Hub’s Mastery Team in Cornwall, have begun to embed Teaching for Mastery in their schools.

Each school has received a £1000 grant to release their lead teachers, both to work within their schools and to attend working group meetings. The £1000 is the total funding allocated to each school and is to cover all of the teachers’ expenses.

In Cornwall, we have brought together all of the primary schools involved in Cohort 1 for focused training with the aim of building strong links between the schools. In addition, schools have had visits from either Shelley or Jo. The focus of these visits might be to provide support in staff meetings, and carry out learning walks or lesson observations. The Mastery Team aims to help lead teachers build strong foundations for developing Teaching for Mastery in their school, such that they can continue the work beyond the academic year.


King Charles Church of EnglandKing Charles Church of England Primary School
Tom Jane



St FrancisSaint Francis Church of England Primary School
Catherine Prosser


TrelowethTreloweth School
Kim Rogers



DevoranDevoran School
Mary Sydenham


TreleighTreleigh Community Primary School
Steve Proctor and Clyflynn Banfield


TrewirgieTrewirgie Junior School
Matt Yates



CusgarneCusgarne Community Primary School
Tim Barnard


St Newlyn EastSt Newlyn East Learning Academy
Charlotte Dolbear and Holly Bearne


TreverbynTreverbyn Academy
Katie Sinclair and Kate Whitford


Biscovey Nursery and InfantsBiscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy
Kelly Davis and Lucinda Brewer


GorranGorran School
Erica Parkes and Katie Rawlings


RocheRoche Community Primary School
Victoria Tonkin, Heidi Palk and Daniel Moore


St AgnesSt Agnes ACE Academy
Josie Radley and Jennifer Dyker-Newsome



Trispen and St ErmeSt Erme with Trispen Community Primary School
Richard Wigham




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